I gave birth 3 months ago. Do I need surgery for postpartum cystocele? Does my vagina look normal? (photo)

Gave birth to my baby for the first time three months ago and was diagnosed with mild bladed prolapse, grade 1 cystocele. I feel depressed and so unlucky. I want to know if I need surgery and how common my case is. 

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You don't need anything done

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Every woman who delivers vaginally will have at least a grade 1 cystocele. It's so common, it's not even considered abnormal. If you are still depressed, go see a psychiatrist or mental health counselor.

Cystocele after childbirth?

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Based on your images it does not appear that you have a cystocele. Is it your own diagnosis or your doctor's? Even if there is minor relaxation of the vaginal tissue underneath the bladder, it does not require any surgical correction unless symptomatic or creates significant changes in sexual activity as opposed to pre-childbirth situation. You may try more conservative measures such as Kegel's exercises and as always go for in person consultation to be examined and provided with an appropriate consultation.

Best of luck,

Yvonne Wolny, MD

Wide-open after childbirth...

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Very common! To do: get healthy; eat well, begin and be "religious" about doing pelvic floor tightening exercises twice daily. Wait until 1 year post-partum. If still a problem, and you plan on having no further vaginal birthe, you may wish to consult with a trained, experienced pelvic floor surgeon who is also trained in "Vaginoplasty" (not the same as "A-P Repair!) NHS will not pay for true, well-performed "vaginal Rejuvenation..."


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Post delivery prolapses

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your pictures look pretty normal for the time post delivery. Small degrees of bladder prolapse are the norm and I would not be worried. If SYMPTOMS develop related to the bladder emptying too easily you can have a female physical therapy on vaginal tightening which is effective. You look fine.

Why do I look like this three months after I had a baby?

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Its common to have some degree of prolapse after having a baby vaginally.  Some women who have labored and have a c section also have prolapse.  But I think when your baby is only three months old its difficult to evaluate.  Your body underwent major transformation over the nine months it took to grow your newborn.  You have sacrificed so much to become a mother.  I tell my patients that it really takes nine months to fully heal from having a baby.  So I would not worry too much at this point.  Give it another six months or so and then take a look.  Don't have anything fixed right now.   Congratulations on becoming a mother!  

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