Which surgeons have a good reputation for fat transfer/graft breast augmentation?

I'm looking for a skilled and experienced surgeon for this procedure and would like your recommendations. Preferably surgeons that practice in the US, UK, Australia or Canada. I'm currently a full c/small d cup and want to increase my breast size to a full d or dd cup after fat transfer and breast lift, I'm fine with staging the process and repeating the procedure if neccessary but want to find a surgeon that is experienced with this procedure to get the best possible result.

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Great fat transfer

Several surgeons have experience.  The issue is not with the fat graft itself but the breast.  If the breast is small or alternatively the skin envelope is tight then it will be difficult to give your desired result.  The easiest situation is where there has been pre-expansion through prior use of implants of pre-treatment with BRAVA.

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