What is supratip depression and how is it fixed in the nose after having septoplasty and turbinate reduction?

I have had septoplasty & turbinate reduction, my nose is broken you can't tell much, however breathing has not improved, my consultant any has written that I have supratip depression and a short columella and a droopy nasal tip which needs fixing using an open formal approach what does this mean? And what surgery would help the problems mentioned above?

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Nasal Obstruction after Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

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Your physician is describing conditions affecting the appearance and performance of your nose, mostly to identify the cause for your continued nasal airway obstruction after your septoplasty and turbinate procedures. From your question, it sounds like concerns about tip ptosis (droopy nasal tip), tip support (short columella), and possible weak alar cartilages resulting in a supratip depression along the lower bridge are the pertinent findings. Recommendations for an open formal approach simply refers to opening your nose surgically to perform necessary corrections to the nose with cartilage grafts and suture techniques, otherwise know as Repair Vestibular Stenosis with cartilage grafts. If the diagnosis is correct and the procedures performed are properly executed, you should be much better and enjoy improved nasal breathing. Hope this answer helps. 

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