Will I ever get my supratip break? (photos)

Hello. I am 1yr post revision Rhinoplasty and still do not have that feminine supratip dip/break. I still have some underlying fluid which 'pops' when I apply gentle pressure, so unsure if I still have swelling, or even if my tip has dropped and my bone is making my bridge look convex. Feel very downhearted as I feel my nose still looks very masculine and unattractive and some days even 'beak' like. Please advise what I can do, I feel so sad.

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Supra tip break

Based on the appearance and the time frame, I think it is safe to say it is unlikely that you will get a break with out surgery.In a revision - you might benefit from a small about more of dorsal reduction, more tip support (rebuilding the tripod focusing on the lateral crus), and a supratip stitch.Also the splint should not go all the way to the tip as some docs employ it.  That tents up the skin so that blood a fluid collects there.

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