Do I still have swelling on my bridge as well as tip 3 weeks post Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I feel my bridge is to large and projects far from my face, as well as the projection of the tip. I feel like this is not going to go down much more. Will I need a revision? The swelling feels like it has gone as I feel normal and can feel the bone on the bridge. I would like some professional opinions please. I would be so greatful.

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Swelling 3 weeks after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question!

It is understandable that you are a concerned with what you feel. Changes after rhinoplasties vary with every patient. Swelling is normal and it masks and tends to distort actual results!

Unfortunately, with the pictures posted, the lack of surgical details and the inability to perform a physical exam it is not possible to provide you with a definitive answer that could be medically sound.

Nonetheless, it is way to early to pass a judgement. Usually, a year is required before formulating how your nose will be. Even then, your nose will keep shaping itself and to complement your face for better results in the years to come.

My best recommendations at the moment is to be patient, allow nature to take its course and edema subsides for better results. There is no doubt that once the swelling subsides, more definition and shape will be achieved and you should be happier with the results.

Also, it is important that you keep communicating with your surgeon and work as a team together to achieve the best results possible.

Congratulations on your surgery and please remain positive!

Ali Sajjadian, MD FACS

Swelling three weeks post rhinoplasty

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Three weeks post rhinoplasty is still very early in the healing process. Your swelling will gradually continue to go down over the next three to four months, sometimes longer. It's a process, but well worth it in the end. All the best to you as you continue to recover! 

Mark Petroff, MD
Lake Oswego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Persistent swelling three weeks after a rhinoplasty.

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From the photograph it appears as though you still have a substantial amount of swelling after your rhinoplasty. Complete resolution of swelling may take many months. As a rhinoplasty patient you need to be patient.

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