SPF protection requirements whilst using Retin A, and facial oil issue.

I would like to know what SPF factor is required when using 0.025 Retin A. I live in the UK which is temperate, though in summer can warm up. Does this change as the strength of the cream increases ? I would also like to know whether applying the gel form of Retin A would benefit me, I have quite and oily skin and have hear Retin A can cause increased oil production in the skin. Best regards

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Retin A treatment

Thank you for your question. In my opinion, any sunscreen SPF of 40 or greater is effective in protecting the skin from sun damage. No the SPF factor doesn't need to change as the strength of Retin A increases. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist regarding your skin and treatment options that best suit your needs. Take care and good luck.

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