Spa treatment 3 days before Breast reduction. Any suggestions?

I am going for a spa break on a Wednesday & Thursday, the following Monday I am having a breast reduction. I am wondering whether it is generally ok to have a massage and spend time in a jacquizi 3 days before surgery, as I know they can harbour bacteria? Thanks

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Hot tubs ok before surgery, but not after

Relaxation and a massage sound like a great way to treat yourself and relax before your procedure. I do not allow my patients to be in Jacuzzis or hot tubs four weeks after surgery. These restrictions are because after surgery you have incisions which can allow bacteria a way into your tissues whereas your intact skin serves as a great barrier. Make sure you stay well hydrated if you are planning to utilize steam rooms or other hot treatments. Enjoy. Best wishes, Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

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Don't have a spray tan, but Jacuzzi should be fine.

Hello Lulu,  I think this will be fine.  There is a suggestion that a spray tan prior to having breast implants could put you at an increased risk of infection and possible capsular formation, but infection is less of a worry with a breast reduction than it is when we use breast implants - and a massage and Jacuzzi should be fine.I think it will be good to relax, so enjoy yourself and do not worry.  However, if you really want the best advice, you should contact your surgeon as he or she will be in the ideal position to advise or reassure you.  Have a great time.

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