Soprano laser is painful - why? Starting with soprano and when hairs finer switching to alexandrite? (photo)

Or starting with alexandrite? I have III-IV skin and coarse black hair.The clinic starts with the soprano and when the hairs get finer-switches to alexandrite.I got my arms andit was unbearable painful(most in underarm,fingers,elbows)at first warm tinglings,gradually turned into burning feel.when she stopped touching my skin the pain stopped.same with legs.I won't use a numbing cream for that large area.heard its dangerous.Is it right to start with the alexandrite because the soprano is too painful?Is this burning feel normal?

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Hair Removal Laser Options

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Some lasers are more comfortable than others.  The newer lasers have features built in (such as sapphire cooling tips) to make them more comfortable.  Some of the newer technology is also more efficient, allowing for lower energy settings to be used with better results and less discomfort.

For any laser treatment, safety is the most important consideration.   In the state of Texas, every new laser patient has to be seen by a medical practitioner.  At that point, they can determine if you can be safely
treated with their laser.

We recommend finding an experienced and reputable provider in your area with updated equipment.  Calibration and power of the laser is important for a safe, comfortable and effective treatment.  Find out what laser they will use and if it is under a maintenance contract.  If their laser isn’t calibrated on a regular basis or is underpowered, your treatment may be painful or inefficient.

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