Am I likely to get snoopy deformity if I go larger and partially/completely under the muscle? (Photo)

I'm wanting a revision as I am unhappy with my results. I'm wanting to go partially under the muscle as my PS suggested this briefly but hesitated on the double bubble/ snoopy deformity. I hate how my skin wasn't filled and fall to my armpits and rippling was quite bad very soon after surgery. Anything that might help? Or is it a no no?

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Internal bra for implant support in revision surgery

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Considering the laxity of the skin envelope shown  in the pre-op views, your result is very nice in the upright position. Going under the muscle will add coverage over the upper portion but not the bottom or sides, and will not hold the implants closer to the middle when you lie down. In this situation, using the split muscle technique will add upper pole coverage without double bubble or animation, and an internal bra using Strattice, SERI scaffold mesh or Gala FLEX mesh will add coverage and support on the sides and bottom.

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