Smartxide laser - downtime

I had the Smartxide c02 laser treatment on Monday evening to treat acne scarring on my cheek area. I was told that by day 5 my skin should be back to normal and I'd be able to go back to work. However I am now towards the end of day 4 and although most of the scaliness has disappeared and it's no longer sore, the treated area is still bright red and a bit flakey. I am now panicking that my skin is scarred. How long does it usually take for the treated area to look back to normal?

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SmartXide DOT CO2 laser for acne scarring

It is normal to have redness still on the fifth day after SmartXide DOT CO2 laser.  Keep your skin hydrated and you can apply makeup. Use sunscreen and try to avoid sun exposure.

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