How small can I go with a breast reduction?

I am 18 years old 5'4/163cm, 136lbs and I am a 32H. My breasts have stopped growing and I have stopped growing since 14, I went to my doctor at 14 and she told me to wait till I'm 18 and reasses then. I am 18 now and I know that I want my breasts as small as they can go, also i am going to lose weight after the reduction so my breasts become even smaller I want to be around 49-52kg I have a medium body frame and I want to be around 32C - 32D, it does not bother me if I am unable to breastfeed.

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BReast reduction

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It is probably better to lose the weight first if possible and then perform the reduction so that it can match your body habitus. Having the reduciton first, may lead to sagging breasts after you lose the weight.

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How small can one be after a breast reduction procedure?

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You do need to be certain that your breasts have stopped growing for some time before you contemplate breast reduction surgery. From what you have said, you do seem to be suitable for it and you will benefit from it too. You should have a detailed examination and consultation with your plastic surgeon, when you can discuss plan as to how small you would like your breasts to be. Although we would aim to make them as small as you desire, there is a limit as to how small they can be made, safely. Also, they should ideally be reduced to a size that suits your chest.  If you have a wide chest, then reducing the breasts significantly would result in you having a wide flat breast as the footprint of your breast on your chest would be very wide. This doesn't seem to be the problem in your case as you band width is 32 and you should have a narrow chest.

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