Enough skin for a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I recently had a consultation regarding breast augmentation but I really wanted to have a tummy tuck too. After 2 children I feel my belly button looks hideous! And my skin wrinkles worse than my nans does when I bend over. The consultant said I didn't have enough skin to perform a tummy tuck but that's as far as my query with regards to my stomach went. What else can I do? I'm a 1st year med student and it's really hindering my education in practicals as I'm too body conscious, please help!

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Enough skin for a tummy tuck?

Based on your photos you are a candidate for a mini abdominoplasty, since the loose skin are concentrated on your lower abdominal region. This would get rid of the excess skin and would give you a better contour.

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Enough skin for a tummy tuck?

Hello and thank you for your question . You are a candidate for a tummy tuck albeit a mini tummy tuck .  In general I am not a fan of mini tummy tucks but I believe your anatomy is perfect for one as you have a high riding belly button which can be lowered 3 to 5 cm, thereby tightening the upper abdomen .  Excess lower abdominal skin is excised and muscle plication can be performed wherever needed.

YOU probably should get a second opinion from a plastic surgeon who performs multiple tummy tucks . 

Good luck. School is more important than your body image . 

Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
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Second opinion

Hello.    You may consider getting a second opinion. Your photo does demonstrate that you have excessive skin which may possibly be managed with either skin excision or a formal tummy tuck. Also if you have a skin shortage a tummy tuck can be performed but you will be left with a small vertical scar. 

Good luck


Tummy tucK

You can help to answer your question by yourself: in front of a mirror, while standing erect, grasp ALL of the loose tummy skin with your hands. Make sure that the upper and lower abdominal skin excess is gathered up. If you can gather a "handful" of loose skin, then you are most certainly a candidate for a tummy tuck. If you can only gather up 2-3 inches of loose skin, then a Mini-tuck is more appropriate. In your  photos, there is a considerable amount of loose skin above and below the navel. I think the your goals would be best served with a traditional tummy tuck.

Tad Grenga, MD, FACS
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