Has my skin lifted away from my chest? (Photo)

I was virtually flat &wore triple boost bra's in size 34a. One thing my surgeon discussed with me is that when you have barely any boob and put in implants, the skin can lift away from your chest where your cleavage would be. I went for 295cc implants, with dual plane (half under muscle/half over muscle) for a natural look. I am 2 days post op which i know is early days but I am worried that the skin has lifted away from my chest as it looks flat across the middle.

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Skin lifted from chest post BA


Looking carefully at the images you have provided and given you are very early post op I would say all looks ok and would not worry.

please discuss any concerns with your PS.

best wishes 

Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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Post op

I don't see anything concerning at this point.  Please discuss your concerns, however, with your plastic surgeon.  Give it some time and in a few weeks I bet you are happy.  Best wishes. 

Jules Walters, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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