Tummy Tuck, 2 Weeks Post Op: Will this skin flatten out ? (Photos)

I had my TT/MR 2 weeks ago. When I sit down there is some puckered/ looser looking skin. What is the likelihood this will flatten out as it "remodels" itself over the coming months? Or is it just not taut enough? I never felt that tight feeling that people speak of, even in the first days after my op. You see from my before pic that the skin above the belly button is now the skin above the incision so my surgeon was working with extremely thinned out skin. But should it have been pulled tighter?

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Tummy tuck

Hi there Lucille,You are correct this is a bit of an issue of your skin elasticity.I note when you are standing upright everything looks pretty tight, so I think your surgeon has removed the right amount of skin. Also your scar is well placed and I like the shape of your belly button.There needs to be a certain amount of laxity in the skin to allow you to stand up straight!!! The flip side of this is that when you bend at the hips there will be some laxity. This is more obvious in some people especially when they have lost elasticity in the their skin. I see this in patients who are quite thin as well as some who have achieved massive weight loss.I would let things settle, it is still quite early so some of it may redrape, but i think some will persist. Removing more skin may help although I suspect you will always have an element of skin laxity when you bend at the hipsBest wishesRichard

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