Should or could more skin have been taken in my FDL tummy tuck? (Photos)

Im 8weeks po FDL TT. Cant help feeling not enough skin has been taken? Its doesnt feel overly tight & when im on all fours or bent right over it still hangs and i can grab hand fulls of meeting my surgeon in 2weeks but think he will try and fob me off saying its the elasticity of my skin but regardless of that with a FDL surely i shouldnt still have hanging skin ??im really unhappy with the results..please can somebody in the know give me their opinion

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Excess Tummy SKin

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Thank you for your question and photos.  Based on your photos it does appear that you have a combination of poor elasticity of the skin...the stretch marks are at sign, and skin excess in both the horizontal and vertical direction.  Most of the residual skin excess is horizontal and would be helped by a vertical incision at the prices of an visible vertical scar.  You also likely have a small amount of excess vertical skin excess that could be tightened further with revision.  You should discuss the pros and cons of revisionary surgery including an inverted T or fleur de lis tummy tuck vs just taking more skin out horizontally.  Best wishes.

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