Can my shortened nose be made longer again, tip and hidden columella reversed back downwards? (photos)

I had a 4th Rhinoplasty procedure done 6 weeks ago rib cartilage was used, I went to have it straightened from previous rhinoplasty. I realise it is early days and swelled, I dislike the retracted columella ,angle and length. I didn't want to look any different, now it's too short for my face and upturned, my natural nose was long at 90 degrees optimum for a male. I have read the nose can be lengthened, can my case be reversed back to some what of the angle and length of my natural nose?

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Can My Short Nose Be Made Longer

Thank you for your thoughtful comments about your nose including the pictures but it is impossible to evaluate your nose just 6 weeks after surgery, especially a revision. I suggest you wait until all the swelling has resolved; I'm sure your nose will change over the next several months.

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Give it more time

Thank you for your question.  Often is the case after rhinoplasty that you start to evaluate the results as soon as the bandage comes off.  The nose you have now is not going to be the nose you have in 6 months or in 1 year.  If this surgery was indeed the 4th rhinoplasty and required a rib graft, you really have to wait almost 2 years before you know what it will look like in the long term..  Even then, you can continue to expect changes with age.  I agree the photos suggest your nose was longer prior to surgery.  I have had patients complain about this as well in the early weeks, only to see it resolve between 3 to 6 months.  After a 4th surgery, the skin contraction may be greater and you may not see as much lengthening on its own, but i would not entertain the idea of a revision until a minimum of 1 yr from surgery as long as your breathing is good.  

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