Can I shorten my chin by 'shaving it down'? i.e: without breaking/removing any bones?

Can surgeons "shave down" the side of my chin that is unevenly longer? I wouldn't want filler to equal it out as my face is already quite long so id rather shave down the longer side than add to the shorter).. Is there a name for this procedure? Is there a name for this procedure? I'm based in the uk and am looking for someone who can perform it. Also, since I wouldn't be breaking the the bone, will my chin still be as strong once healed?

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Can I shorten my chin by 'shaving it down'?

For some individuals, it is possible to shave the chin down if it is to prominent. Chin reduction can be performed either through the mouth or through a scar underneath the chin. There are limits as to how much can be removed. In most cases, once the chin bone has healed it should be very strong.

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