Do my scars look normal? What are the two little holes on my right incision? (Photo)

I had my breasts done on 21/6/2016 I have had trouble healing as one of the wounds opened back up can anyone tell me if these look normal?

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Helping your scars after breast augmentation

Scars after surgery typically get thicker and redder for 6 weeks and then start to fade and flatten over the next 2 years.  If a scar opened a little during the healing process ( more common on your dominant hand side and on the outside edge of the incision) then it will be thicker in that area.  I recommend that my patients limit their activity for 6 weeks after surgery to decrease this possibility.  This may also be where the knot is buried from your dissolving suture, if one was used.  Its difficult to tell from your photos but your scars appear to be healing normally for 8 weeks. At this stage I recommend that my patients pick up silicone pads at their local pharmacy and wear them over the next 3 months or longer, removing only for shower or exercise.  If these areas are becoming itchier and thicker they might benefit from a kenalog injection by your plastic surgeon.  Good luck and congratulations on your surgery.

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Scars from breast surgery

As you say that one of the wounds opened up, this would have healed by what we call 'healing by secondary intention'. This leave a slightly wider scar than if the wound heals by 'primary intention' and leaves a straight line scar. This would explain the slightly wide scar at the end. Looking at your scars though, these seem to be settling very nicely. It is still very early days and the scars will mature and settle a lot better with time. It can take up to 12 to 18 months for the scars to settle fully and you can help this process by massaging the scar with a moisturising cream. I would sit back and enjoy the results of your surgery and not worry about the scars.

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BBA Scars

Hi there
Thanks for your question
You are only two months down the line from your surgery and your scars all look to be healing well. As would have been explained by your surgeon, scars take time to mature and it takes up to 18 months for them to settle and fade. Daily massage with a moisturising cream should help but I am sure you will discuss this during your post-op consultations. 
Please remember that areas within the same scar will heal at different rates and look slightly different; this is normal.
Good luck with your recovery
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