Can this scarring and drooping of breast lift with implant be fixed? (photos)

I had a breast lift with implant Jan 2016 told the surgeon that I wanted a reduction smaller implant but I am still a size 34g in bra as I was before I think my implants are to big and that lead to it stretching and drooping leaving me with terrible scarring all so he stapled my breast together. After trying to Fob me off when I went for my six month check up and told me to tattoo my breast was in and out Is office in less than 5 min I also had lipo with him did not assess that neither

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Bad scarring after uplift

As mentioned in other answers, your skintight can predispose you to rather poor scarring but I suspect there is an element of poor surgical choices and technique involves him as well. There is no doubt that the weight of your breasts and the tension in the skin I've contributed to bad scarring and come radio desire is to be smaller than you are now, this could help and give you a chance of having better scars. I would suggest you do your research and have a consultation with an experienced cosmetic breast surgeon in your area. Best of luck

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I fully agree

Let me point out patients with dark skin are prone to develop unsighty, hypertrophis or even keloid scars, the darker the higher the risk, and your case is a perfect example; your surgeon is not to blame.

Seems you also have developed some minor breakdowns in the scars during your healing process, probable minor foci of fat necrosis or suture intolerance, that is why some areas a broad; again it is a natural issue and your surgeon actions are not connected with them.

With that said I agree your case is a poor result and the lesser of your problems are the scars; I find the following issues and corresponding improvements:

-poor breast pattern design and choice: probably your surgeon gathers little experience on Lejour technique and he used a kind of variation from the vertical scar but not a true Lejour one, or alternatively you were not a good indication for a vertical Lejour; this needs revision and unfortunately conversion to an inverted T pattern aka Wise pattern, well designed; additionally your areolas are over stretched, and huge, this is not due to implant size but to the poor match between the areola left and the keyhole planned for its placement; overally your breasts do not have a nice shape, and furthermore your nipples are still a bit too low; the whole breast has to be redesigned at gland and skin hood, make it more rounded, conical, less heavy glandularly and nipple-submammary crease distance drastically reduced; you are not a case of bottoming out or complication, there is a poor design from the first planning of your case

-obviously your implants are large ones, and if you prefer smaller boobs it is totally advisable a breast implant excanche to fit your wishes, strongly recommended anatomical shaped ones, cohesive gel filled and macrotextured, which are the latest (5th) generation available

Beware, your case is not an easy fix or a touch up, do refues straight away any minimally invassive procedures or minor corrections; you need a full overhaul, total redesign and brand new planning from scratch, and needless to say your procedure should be performed by a surgeon well experienced in breast revisions; otherwise the risk of major complications is very high. Difficulty 8 out of 10 in breast revisions, surgical time 4-5 hours.

If you wish better grounded opinion well lit, focused and standard images have to be assessed: frontal, both lateral and both oblique views, also underneath the breasts.

Feel free to request any additional information from me.

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