I've had 2 rhinoplasty and 1 septoplasty and I'm still not happy? (Photos)

I have multiple issues with my nose - wonky, deviated, hump. I had my first open rhinoplasty to remove the the hump and reduce the tip size. I then had revision surgery to correct the protruding bone on the side from the nose being broken in 1st op & to straighten it. I'm now so unhappy as one nostril looks humungous it's still wonky. The tip looks like it needs to be more centre. My surgeon told me if I needed a third op that id have to have someone else do it..???

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Not Happy after Two Nasal Surgeries

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I understand your disappointment. I suggest you consult with another surgeon who specializes in revisions. If you decide to have another procedure you want it to be the last rhinoplasty.

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