During revising, what will my doctor need to do to perfect the columella area? I feel it's too big and low down (Photo)

How do I achieve a more even looking nose. Less hanging ? Less round in the columella area. What does my surgeon need to do ? I am aware my nose is wonky my surgeon never initially broke my nose to align it but he is during revision to fix the wonky Ness. Please advise how the columma can be reduced and made pretty.

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Columellar show, amorphous tip, refinement with revision rhinoplasty

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Based on the photos you submitted there are a number of issues with the  tip of your nose that make the columella look large and broad. All of these issues need to be addressed to improve your situation. Your tip is under projected, over rotated and there is retraction of the sidewall of the nostril on both sides. On the frontal view there are some deformities of the nasal dorsum and what appears to be a deviation towards the left. There is also a single highlight on the nasal tip that is too high on the bridge of the nose.  All of these issues can be corrected with a revision rhinoplasty but it may require cartilage grafting from the septum, the ear or the rib. All of this would depend on how much cartilage was removed with your original surgery. In the United Kingdom I would consider  a consultation with Julian Rowe–Jones. You should certainly seek a surgeon with significant experience with revision rhinoplasty.

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