My results of my rhinoplasty have changed? (photos)

My results have changed for the worse. I haven't hit it or done anything that might have caused damage that I'm aware. I'm really depressed. My surgeon recommended I put a cotton ball in the attic of the nostril which is higher to presumably make it sag and give symmetry. However, I don't want the trip to droop any more. Can I please have another opinion. The pictures show my results immediately after surgery and 2 months after.

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Notch in nostril

THis should settle using your thumb on the inside right nostril rim and indx finger inside gripping gently and pulling straight down and stretching - 10 reps 10 times per day and it will likely correct - scar tissue gets worse by around 8-12 weeks then starts to relax

Rhinoplasty results changing for the worse

Was your rhinoplasty open or closed?  Many times cartilage can warp when placed against the forces of scar tissue.  Molding the nose may have a limited effect but is worth trying.  Continue to keep in close contact with your surgeon and he or she will create a plan over the course of the next 6-12 months that may involve a revision.

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