How to remove an old stitches scar of my left eye? (photos)

Hello I have got my left eye wounded when I was very kid probably 7 or 8. I am 22 now. Doctor stitched the wound which left a scar near my eye. I am thinking to get rid of it. I am told by local skin clinic that they will be able to fade it away with 3 dermaroller treatments. Is it true ? Or worth spending money on it ?

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Eyelid scar.

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I have no idea what a dermaroller is. what you have is a mature fairly wide scar with stitch marks.
In my opinion, the best way to improve it would be with an accurate reexcision  and accurate repair. I suggest a plastic surgeon to do this.
In my experience the eyelid skin heals best of any skin on the body and this could be done under local anesthesia; you should get a good result, but remember, humans heal with the production of scar and scars are permanent. But there are good scars and scars that are not so good, like this one.

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