How can remove fat from one side of my chin? (photos)

I've had more fat under the left side of my chin for aslong as I can remember but it really gets me down. It doesn't matter what weight I am it is always there and a feel like deformed frog. It's bigger somedays more than others. I had an MRI scan years ago which found nothing except one side was 'thicker'. This was done on the NHS in the uk and I feel like I'm not taken seriously with doctors. Who do I need to see to discuss? Could liposuction or surgery be a solution?

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Asymmetric chin

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You are a great candidate for some isolated fat removal to help improve symmetry around your chin and lower face. You can try either micro liposuction which could accomplish everything in one session potentially, or Kybella injections which requires serial procedures. Good luck!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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