Who can remove Aquamid from nasolabial folds without visible scars? Is fat grafting the best solution to replace lost volume?

In 2004 I had Aquamid injected into my nasolabial folds. Recently the problems started: Tingling, numbness and a dull ache. I consulted a PS who stated that my immune system is rejecting the Aquamid. He advised to surgically remove the filler, because this can lead to serious autoimmune conditions. After 3 month he would fill the area with a fat graft. Downside: visible scars! Are there other ways to remove Aquamid without scars? Is fat grafting the best solution to replace lost volume?

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Bioalkamid can be removal with special needle and Luer Lok Syringe scar-less trough the naso labial fold.

The indentation or hollow resulting from the suction will be filled with SVF as I do with the FAMI procedure. With no over-correction, we achieve natural contours. Quote:

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Often the permanent fillers can lead to granuloma formation after a short time or many years later.  Can you feel anything - a nodule??  Before doing a surgery I would try some other things to see if you can decrease any inflammation there.  Low dose steroid with some 5-FU can decrease any inflammation.  And Ulthera can break up the fibrosis that can develop around the permanent filler.  If these don't help then you can consider excision. After a surgery you will have some scar tissue so sometimes filler or fat may not create a perfect contour.  

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