6 months post-op, rhinoplasty. How reliable is the look of the nose right after the cast comes off? (photo)

When the cast first came off a week after my rhinoplasty operation the shape was lovely. Six months later it's a very different shape: one side more bulbous and asymmetrical overall. If that is the underlying structure is there a chance that the swelling will continue to decrease and I will get something similar to that original result? I like the right side of my nose. The left is very different and the result noticeably off-centre.

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Thank you for your question. The look of the nose immediately after surgery is not indicative of the results of your rhinoplasty. Swelling will prevent you from being able to effectively evaluate your nose, however, you should not be experiencing swelling at the six month post-op mark. You will most likely find the results of your surgery most reliably at the eight month post-op mark and your results will finalize by the 12 month post op-mark. Please consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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