The best way to reduce cheek fat? Laser, liposuction, injections or working on the chin? (Photo)

22 years old- one of my biggest problems is my face looking very big and fat - I think it is down to my cheek fat and comparatively small forehead (or very big lower part of the face). Also it becomes even more apparent when I am smiling ! Best options?

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Reducing full cheeks

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Having full cheeks is very youthful though some people don't like round cheeks. I would not recommend laser, nor liposuction, nor injections to reduce the fullness in your cheeks. The best method for adding some contour and reducing fullness in the cheeks is a buccal fat pad reduction. It's a fairly simple procedure that removes some fat from a pocket inside your cheeks. It can create a subtle curviness to round cheeks. It might be a procedure you should consider if you're not happy with the fullness of your cheeks.

I hope this helps! You can actually see a video of a buccal fat pad reduction I performed in the link below on. my Instagram (@drrubinstein)

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