Can I have my Breast reduction reversed on the NHS?

i had a reduction on the NHS when i was 18, they said if i didnt i would suffer curvature of the spine by the age of 21, my problem is that now after 5 children my breast are disgusting like that of a 80 year old lady, and all the reasons i wanted a reduction are now the reasons i want a lift or implants, the self consiousness, depression, body loathing, unsexy horrible ugly

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Can Breast Reduction be Reversed?

Thank you for your question. It is very common for women to experience changes in breast tissue shape and fullness after childbirth and breastfeeding even without having previous #breast reduction surgery. Fortunately this can be corrected. It sound as if you would benefit from breast #augmentation  (implants). During this procedure your surgeon can also perform a #lift. The combination of these two procedures should help you achieve the appearance you are looking for. The augmentation would not only increase the size of your breasts but also correct any #asymmetry (one breast larger than the other). If your concern is that your breasts would not be full enough or have a high enough upper curve, the placement of implants isn't always necessary. Your surgeon can evaluate your current breast shape and volume of tissue, and include a lift to give you fuller and "perky" breasts. By including a lift with the procedure, you can also assure correct nipple placement and appropriate areolar size. The best place to start is with a #Board Certified plastic surgeon. They can consult with you and make recommendations for the look you would like to achieve. Good luck!

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