Follow-up Question: The question is how soon i need to remove the implants if they are exposed?

Can I wait for a couple of months? What is the dangerwith the hole on my right breast been open. I had see 2 doctors and I had the impression I need to remove asp. But them another doctor are willing to operate , remove the implants and do a lipolifting by Octuber. I am confused. Sorry! No seroma i thing was resolved after second surgery , Its has bee 5 weeks from the second and 10 weeks from the fisrt surgery

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Implant exposure

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Once the implant is exposed, standard procedure is to operate, and remove the implant.
There is no benefit for "waiting and hoping that it will improve".  Unfortunately, that is unlikely.

With an open wound, bacteria can colonize the pocket, and any infection can worsen.

Best to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the plan.

Should I remove my breast implant if it is exposed

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If there is any exposure of the breast implant, then it really should be removed and removed as soon as possible.  Unlike your native tissue, breast implants have no blood supply and so cannot fight infection.  As such, bacteria love to colonize on a breast implant and will do so if there is an opening on the skin to the implant.  

I hope that information helps!

The question is how soon i need to remove the implants if they are exposed?

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I would recommend removal of an exposed breast implant ASAP.  There is no upside leaving it in place;  on the other hand, you risk infectious complications while it remains in place/exposed. Best wishes.

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