Should I put on weight before a fat grafting procedure?

Hello, I'm about to undergo a fat grafting procedure to my breast and buttocks in 6 weeks time. My surgeon said I don't have massive amount of fat to harvest but he would take the fat from my tummy, love handles, back and inner thigh. I am of average build at 168cm tall and weigh around 68kgs. Should I try and put on more weight before my procedure? Do grafted fat cells survive better when they are fuller/bigger?

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Weight gain

Gaining weight may give more to harvest, but will shrink as you loose weight. It is better after a transfer that your weight remains stable.

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Fat grafting

Hello and thank you for your question. In general I do not think gaining an excessive amount of weight is a great way to have fat for fat grafting. Often the weight that you gain will also be gained in other areas you may not want to gain weight. I would speak to your surgeon specifically about what you can expect. 

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