Is it okay to pull out my stitches myself? (Photo)

It's been almost 20 days since I've had my rhinoplasty and my surgeon hasn't removed my stitches? (The ones on the outside) I visit him every ten days so he can massage my nose and apply nasal tape. The stiches are poking out and I pulled one out of my nostril. It was a little red. Should I wait until my next visit to ask him or can I remove them myself? The stiches have little knots and are blue

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Pulling Our Stitches

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I do not recommend pulling out stitches by yourself. Your plastic surgeon has years of training and experience to perform such tasks. If anything were to go wrong, he/she would be able to address it. However, keep in mind there are also dissolvable sutures as well. You may not need to pull them out at all.  In order to ensure to best results and outcome for your rhinoplasty, visit your facial plastic surgeo

Follow up with your surgeon

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I would recommend following up with your surgeon as your nose heals to ensure the best outcome.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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