Id this ptosis or saggy eyelid skin? (photos)

My right eye tends to sag, i have heard ptosis is when the eyelid droops and some of the pupil gets covered but mine seem to have a nearly even distance from the upper lid to the pupil. The problem occurs towards the end of the day and when i have less sleep. Please could someone give me a detailed answer on the possibilities and also treatment (preferably non invasive). Thanks

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See oculoplastic specialist for eyelid ptosis evaluation

This is certainly eyelid ptosis. Eyelid ptosis can be mild to severe. It can fluctuate based on how tired someone is. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Right Upper Eyelid Ptosis

Thank you for taking the photos at different times of the day. By the end of the day the upper eyelid skin show increases and the lid drops a little (ptosis) with more than one skin crease visible. This usually represents an aponeurotic ptosis with thinning of the small portion of the eyelid muscle right at the front.

However, it is best to see an oculoplastic surgeon for measurements, photographs and a drop test called the phenylephrine test in order to help determine if this is ptosis. Sometimes, to be on the safe side, the oculoplastic surgeon asks a neurologist to rule out a condition called Ocular Myasthenia when eyelid can droop towards the end of the day, prior to doing corrective eyelid surgery.

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You have a true ptosis of the right side.   This is best corrected by a ptosis procedure on the right eyelid plus removal of a little eyelid skin.    You can test and see where you will be by trying Lopidine eyedrops which will temporarily correct the ptosis.  My Best,  Dr Commons

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Mild ptosis

The eyelid does not actually have to cover the pupil to have ptosis, one lid just has to be lower than the other.  It does seem that the right eyelid margin is slightly lower than the left, which is indeed mild ptosis.  Mild ptosis can be a sign of a small muscle tear in the eyelid, but it can also be a sign of much more significant problems like autoimmune disease or even tumors.  These significant problems are rare, but you should be seen by your surgeon who will perform a thorough history to make sure your problem is uncomplicated.  Treatments would range from treating any underlying disorders to a small procedure to tighten one of the muscles that lift your eyelid.  

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Id this ptosis or saggy eyelid skin?

If you are complaining about dropping of the eyelids or lower eyelid bagginess then you might be a good candidate for the Laser Blepharoplasty operation. Although the plastic surgery era is highly developed and there are new treatment models for several other procedures; there is still no efficient alternative of blepharoplasty operation. If you are not comfortable with the look of your eyelids blepharoplasty operation may be a solution for you

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