Will Propecia halt the hair loss immediately?

Starting on half a propecia daily , considering upping the dosage to a full tablet after 8 weeks ... Just want to know , will my hair loss be halted almost immediately ? Basically, the hair I have on my head now will , hopefully if I respond to the meds , will be the hair I have in a years time from now ??? Also on one of my other posts on here the tricologist said that if I continue to only take 1/2 a propecia tablet it won't stop shedding entirely unlike that of a whole tablet ? Thanks in advance !

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Propecia pharmacolgics. ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS NJ

In my opinion, half a tablet of propecia is approximately sixty to eighty percent effective. Repeated doses  take between two and six months  to notice the effect. The first effect one will notice is it decreased shedding. I have been recommending platelet rich plasma  to my patients on propecia. The results are synergistic. Good luck. 

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It will not stop hair loss immediately.

HelloThe correct dosage is 1, one mg tablet/day.  No, it will not stop hair loss immediately. Any non-surgical treatment that works will take at least 3 months before it starts to work. I recommend giving each case a fair evaluation 8-10 months after the treatment started to ensure it is properly working. Many patients combine different non-surgical treatments to reduce the rate and stop hair loss.Best of lucks

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Propecia use

Propecia will not halt hair loss immediately nor will it definitely stop hair loss. The statistics are good that it works in over 90% of patients on the medication but it is not a guarantee. IT will take 6-8 months to see if the medication is truly working for you.

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