Should I proceed with surgery? My upper jaw will move 5mm. Would appreciate some more information? (Photos)

When I was 14 I had braces for two years to get my bite fixed. My lower jaw was not as protruding after my braces were removed at age 16. Now I am 19 and I've been referred for surgery. I've been told my upper jaw will move 5mm and my lower jaw will move back after the 5mm move on the upper jaw. The majority of work will be on the upper jaw and not the underbite. What do you guys recommended about surgery? Please help...

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Jaw Surgery

The direction of movement looks appropriate. Implants can strengthen the jawline and create a more balanced facial silhouette by augmenting the mandibular body, angle, and ramus. A wide variety of patients can benefit from this procedure, including those with normal, deficient, or surgically altered anatomy.

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