Two Procedures In A Month, Is It Safe?

I am looking to have a breast reduction in the middle of November and also a Tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift around the end of the November, possible 1st week of Dec. I am a healthy individual without any regular medication, Hemo at 13.2 as of today. I exercise and very health conscious. I have never had plastic surgery before. I will be grateful for some advice.

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Two Procedures In A Month, Is It Safe?

 It is not recommendable to have an abdominoplasty procedure and a butt-lift at the same time since you will have a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position as there will be pain when you sleep on your back because there will be pressure on your butt area and you also cannot sleep on your tummy after an abdominoplasty procedure. Having multiple operations in a short period of time could also increase risk of blood clotting. Your mobility will also be greatly affected.

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Staging Plastic Surgery Procedures

That is a lot of surgery to undergo in a short period of time.   In addition, I would not perform a tummy tuck and a butt lift at the same.   The reason is how are you going to sleep after surgery when you shouldn't be sitting or lying on your butt, or lying on your tummy? If your plastic surgeon can perform your tummy tuck and breast reduction at the same time in about a total of 6-1/2 hours, safely and with a nice result, I would recommend doing that first.   I have performed those two procedures at the same surgery, starting with the tummy first, with very nice results.  

For the patient's well being, I take all of the precautions with a long surgery for prevention of blood clots as recommended by the surgery guidelines, including having the patient administer two doses of Lovenox after surgery.  I also have the patient continue to wear portable sequential compression devices (SCD's) on their calves at home for four days to prevent blood clots.   I have done this as an outpatient procedure.  However, it can also be done with an overnight stay.   Then, when you are all healed from those two procedures, a couple of months or so afterwards, you can undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift.   Or you can have three separate surgeries spaced at least two or more months apart.

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