Potential surgical/non-surgical nose job and jaw surgery? (Photos)

Hey! I've been unhappy with my facial structure since my teens. I feel like my nose is too large and my jaw is very square. I just wanted to ask if it was possible for me to reduce my nose size through non-surgical rhinoplasty and what would be suggested for my jaw. Thanks in advance

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Nose and jaw size

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thanks for the question and photos. Non surgical rhinoplasty by definition ADDS volume to your nose. It will hide bumps and depressions but doesn't make your nose smaller. If you want a smaller nose, surgery is only way after a good thorough consult. In terms of your jaw, Botox to the masseter muscle can help but if the bone is part of the problem you may need a mandibuloplasty ( jaw contouring ). A consult with a surgeon who does facial contouring will give you more info. Good luck

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Nonsurgical Approaches To The Nose And Jawline

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Injection of filler can change the shape and the proportions of the nose, but cannot reduce the size of your nose.  To treat your jawline, I would recommend injection of botox or dysport to the masseter muscles on each side of your face. These are thick rectangular shaped muscles that originate from the maxillary process of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic arch and insert at the angle of the mandible.  They are one of the most important muscles of mastication, responsible for pulling the jaws together when you chew.  Injection of these muscles with a neuromodulator will accentuate a smooth clean jaw line, and nudge the appearance of your lower face closer to the shape of a "v" on the frontal view.

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