Post Ba 14 days. Incision has opened up slightly and leaking fluid! (photos)

7th June had ba 515cc above muscle. Saturday my right breast was hard and swollen. Yesterday ( 20th June) I woke up to find I had some leakage on my sheets. I lifted my breast up, and fluid drained from a small hole in the incision site. Today my breast is no longer hurting, I am able to lift my right arm up. I called my ps, and he told me to get some antibiotics. Every couple of hours this light yellow fluid collects. Then when I lift my breast up, this fluid runs out. What is it?

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Incision Fluid Discharge


Thank you for your question and photos. Unfortunately issues with incisions and possible infection really can't be assessed online. You will need to be seen in person by your Plastic Surgeon and keep a close eye on the area for changes as you treat with antibiotics. Superficial openings tend to heal well with minor wound care but significant drainage or infection could mean surgical intervention is required.

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Infection following breast augmentation

This sounds like an infection and I don't like the colour of the discharge! I don't think that it is appropriate for you to recieve advise about this on the phone and be told to take antibiotics without assessing you in person. You need to see your plastic surgeon. I cannot understand how your PS can ask you to take antibiotics without seeing you. You live in the UK, antibiotics have to be prescribed by the doctor who sees you, not collected over a counter! If this is an infection, and if it is surrounding the breast implant, it will not settle unless the implant comes out...! The infection will need to be treated and an implant can be placed again. On the other hand, it might just be a superficial collection that will need to washed out, before it gets any worse. As you can appreciate, this should not be taken lightly and you need to be seen in person.

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Yellow fluid in the breast

 In my experience, fluid coming from around a breast implant through the incision either represents one of two things. This is either a seroma which is sterile and can be simply drained in the office or an infected seroma which will necessitate at least  irrigation of the pocket with antibiotics and possible removal of the affected breast implant. At least in aspiration of the fluid that can be sent for culture can determine which antibiotic protocol may be helpful. I recommend you be seen by your operating plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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Wound opening after BA

It's possible you have a fluid collection in the lower pole of your right breast.   A ultrasound of that area should be done to rule out this issue.  It's a wise decision to take antibiotics these days.   

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