Porcelain veneers or surgery for my underbite? (photo)

I have a underbite and my orthodensit advised me not to get the surgery done because its too risky. I was suppose to get the procedure done this year but the nhs consultant told me it wasn't severe enough. Do you think porcelain veneers would be sufficient to fix my underbite or do i need surgery? Thanks

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I would try orthodontics.  It looks like you may need a couple teeth removed on the bottom and then a palatal expander on the top, then braces on the top and bottom.  It does not look severe enough for surgery, but it looks too severe to go directly into porcelain veneers at this time.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for if you have more questions.

Surgery vs. veneers

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I suggest you get a second orthodontic consultation. In the US you would be a surgery case. All surgery does involve risk but orthographic surgery is relatively safe and would be life changing. I don't know if the nhs covers veneers and cosmetic work. If it doesn't then I suggest a consultation with an orthodontist who is private pay. I imagine the cost of veneers vs. orthodontics and surgery won't be that different and the results will be better and longer lasting.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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