Pip revision 32d back small frame 5'6 330 cc Hp silicone pip- 520cc Hp -too big? Anyone same frame with 520cc? (photos)

So in 2009 I had my first ba in London. From A cup to small D. 2012 learned they are pip implants!now finally I am ready for my revision.:) told my surgeon defiantly want to go as big as I can keeping the same look only larger, after all I want to get the most from my op/ba. He's using nagor implants and said the maximum size for my 32inch back would be 520cc ultra high profile? I like what I am seeing so far for that size but am curious to see what it will look like on my frame? Anyone help? X

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Revision Breast Augmentation


Your surgeon is kidding himself (and you) if he thinks that replacing your current implants with ones that are two thirds larger is not going to look much different, or even possible with your current soft tissue envelope. Your skin is tight and  your cleavage is tight.  Your at risk for complications with that kind of upgrade.

Best of luck! 

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