Piercings. Do I need to take them out?

I am considering getting a BBL/fat transfer in febuary. I have few piercings and I'm wondering what to do with them. Do I need to take them out? Is it okay to f.ex put plastic ones in(clitorial hood, belly button and nipple piercings). I also have a dermal piercing on my lowerback which is not easilly taken out so what about that? Thank you

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Piercings. Do I need to take them out?

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Piercings need to come out if they contain metal and your PS plans on using a bovie electocautery during your surgery. I do not use one in a BBL, but do if it is combined with other stuff such as a tummy tuck. It is best to ask your PS to make sure.

Piercing removal before BBL

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Thank you for your question.Although it may be slightly inconvenient, it is very important to remove these pieces of jewelry to prevent yourself from getting burnt if the doctor uses a cauterizing tool to stop bleeding. There is also potential of infection if the jewelry is left in. I would take the advice of your surgeon and do what you can to put yourself at a low risk of complications. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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