Padded or non padded bra after Breast augmentation?

I had ruptured silicone implants replaced last week.He then put 2 new implants in .All was good, after 5 days I had drains out and went home. 4 days later I had a check up with my consultant and my right implant was very inflamed and red . I've had more surgery and the implant was infected so has been left out so the breast can heal . I want a bra I can put a temporary implant in on the right side to even me out . Would you suggest a padded non wired post op bra or a non padded non wired one ?

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Padded or non padded bra after Breast augmentation

Sorry to hear of the problems you have had. It is up to your surgeon to advise you, but I recommend soft, non-underwired surgical bras for the first 6 weeks, for both support and comfort. Under-wired bras are usually uncomfortable, but sometimes your surgeon my recommend one to definitively force a particular shape or contour.


Dr Steve Merten, Sydney, Australia

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