Best options for gummy smile correction? (photos)

Been trying to correct this for years. Have had crown lengthening and crowns on front four teeth. Also tried botox which wasn't ideal. Have short front roots. Is there any way I can improve on this? Particularly concerned about buccal corridor and amount of gum showing

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Gummy smile

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Yes it's a sometimes challenge to fix gummy smile . The best option would be a braces combination with TADS/bone screws . we utilize braces to move your upper front teeth countervlockwise torquing the roots to the alveolus , by anchoring the force on the bone screws inserted in your jaw( in realty not as scariest procedure as it sounds) with combination of gingivectomy, possible freenectomy and maybe some more botox. The biggest problem are your short roots , we have to check to see how short are they so we won't affect your teeth health in complete negative way.    

Good Luck!                    

George Sahakyan DDS

Glendale Dentist

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