Could I have your opinion on my Tummy Tuck scar? (Photos)

Hello, I am 5 weeks post op and had an uneventful recovery and of course am still dealing with swelling etc. I am grateful and sure my surgeon had done the very best with what he had however I feel like my scar is very high, my mind area has been pulled up so much and I now look out of proportion. It isn't even hidden in high waisted underwear. I have 2" between mons and BB, would you say this is a good result or should I be asking if something can eventually be changed? I see him at 3 months PO

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Could I have your opinion on my Tummy Tuck scar?

Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided information as well, it looks a little bit high, plastic surgeons try to performed this scar little bit lower, maybe looks higher because you are still swollen. I recommend to show this to your PS and talk about your concerns.

Good luck :)

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Could I have your opinion on my Tummy Tuck scar?

Congratulations on having undergone the tummy tuck procedure. The incision line seems to be healing nicely  and you should have a very nice long-term outcome. 

 Having said that, your concerns regarding placement of the incision/scar are understandable. Usually, if the placement of the incision/scar line remains a concern longer-term, it is possible to lower it;  best to evaluate this concern one year (or longer) after the procedure was performed. If you do decide to lower the scar, you will need to have enough tissue laxity above and below the scar line in order to do so.  Again, it may take one to two years before this can be done safely.  Best wishes.

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Thank you for you question and the photos.There is still some swelling in the abdomen area and maybe this causes the scar to be a bit more elevated still. Best of luck and talk it over with your surgeon  

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