Should I get second opinion on juvederm nose complication or should I wait for advise for it to return to normal? (Photos)

I have juvederm ultra 3, 0.3ml in right alar nose 3 months ago. I had swelling which subsided in few days but still a dramatic change in volume for a small 0.3 amount. I have no pain,bruise, redness where the filler is. I have raised aread on tip and INSIDE of nose. Inside bumb and tip bump feel firm not rock hard. I went for evaluation w/injector and was told to wait 6 months. Do you think this is my best&safest option would my old nose return?Do you think I have edema/infection/granuloma etc?

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It is difficult to assess without an examination as some of the concerns you mentioned are tactile in nature.  If you are unhappy with the results, the product can be dissolved using hyaluronidase.  If you do nothing, the product will gradually dissolve over the next year and your former nose shape should return.

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