How I want my nose to look and is this possible/estimate cost? (Photos)

Hello again! This is a "before" (current) photo that I have edited using an app to what I would like my nose to look like. Follow my previous question I am seriously considering a consultation and wanted to check it would be possible and to be given a possible price estimate (live in the uk) Also I know my lips are bigger in the "after" photo. I plan to get lip fillers to acheive this Thanks!

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Thank you very much for your question and for posting your own pictures.

All changes look very reasonable although it would be better to see pictures with more light and more projections.

It is essential to confirm every single aspect/point to change before surgery.

Rhinoplasty more than any other surgery needs to be spot-on from the very first time and avoid revision surgery.

I wish you the very best of luck.


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Yes this is possible but beware of computer programs. They can be useful but ultimately it's the skill and experience of the surgeon that will deliver the result. You must also consider other factors such as the thickness of your skin. 

You need to see a few surgeons for advice but don't go for the cheapest - or you'll end up paying twice to get it fixed. 

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