Nose appears swollen (wide) almost 1 year after third nose procedure?

I have had 2 medical septo-rhinoplasties, whilst they sorted out the hump, I was left with an elongated nose which I had fixed with a rhino tip procedure almost a year ago. I was warned swelling could be very prominent. My nose appears especially wide when I smile and it's not very flattering. I cannot consider a 4th surgery. I have no idea if this swelling will ever go down.

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4th rhinoplasty?

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Definitely let things settle!  You need a good 1-2 years before you can consider it a final result as this was your third operation in the area.  The width of the nose is truly a separate issue and may need to be assessed while looking at your pictures before the prior operations.  Check in with your surgeon- it does depend on the procedure performed as to how long swelling will persist.  That appointment could be a good time to review your entire progression of photos.  Best Wishes!!

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