Is this normal after lip fillers? (Photo)

I have had lip fillers before and they were fine afterwards but this time I have a big lump in my top lip. I'm not worried about the bruising as I know this can happen but I'm really worried that the lump isn't going to go. Is this usual after fillers? Thank you.

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Lump After Lip Filler

The lump in your left upper lip could be filler or a bruise.  An expert injector should be able to palpate or feel the area and tell you what it is.  A bruise will resolve, but a lump of filler may need to be manipulated.  Either way it should be okay in the end.  Go see your injector!

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Lip Filler and Bump

You can have a lump from a small amount of swelling or from the product.  If it does not resolve in two weeks I would definitely return to your treating physician for examination.  Best, Dr. Green

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Is this normal after lip fillers?

Hello tambam1,
Thanks for your question.
Without knowing how your lips looked prior to injection what I am about to write is only conjecture.  As such I do recommend that you see your injection specialist for an exam and treatment if necessary.
Your lip looks fuller and quite asymmetric in the pictures you've posted.  I do see a small bruise and this could be the source.  Icing for up to 1 week and then warm compresses after that can resolve bruising faster.
You could also have asymmetric filler placement.
Bruises get better, so after a few weeks if this improves, it was probably due to bruising.  If it doesn't then you probably have asymmetric filler placement.  
To remedy asymmetric filler placement, and you have HA (hyaluronic acid) type filler, then a little hyaluronidase enzyme can be injected into the lip to dissolve excess filler.  All other filler types have no reversing agent.
Speak with your injection specialist, or see a board-certified plastic surgeon if your concerns continue.
Take care,
Dr. Shah

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