Does a nose have to be broken before a nasal bump is shaved down? (photos)

Last november i had a septo/rhino here in the u.k on the nhs. I wanted my nose totally reforming but the surgeon only agreed to shave down the bump after breaking my nose, he also said my nose would be more central and id be able to breath better. I woke up from surgery to find out that he very slightly shaved down the bump ( you can hardly tell) and he didnt need to break the nose , he made the desicion nod to break it when i was put under Anaesthetic

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So sorry this happened.

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Turns out your surgeon wasn't good enough to make the changes that we discussed on your previous post, last November before the surgery. The "Web reference" link is the link I made for you back then, to show the importance of working on the upper part of the nose.

In fact, even here in the U.S., most rhinoplasty surgeons would be lost trying to get your nose done right; it's just a very complicated nose.

My suggestion is to *not* have more surgery on your nose, unless you can get to a hyper-expert who knows what to do and who can prove to you, beforehand, that he can accomplish the changes your nose needs. If you have another operation by a surgeon who doesn't care or can't do the work, or whose plan is just to "shave down the bump," your nose will be worse off. Revision rhinoplasty is extremely difficult, and if a surgeon can't come close to getting your nose right on a primary, he would be completely lost on a revision.

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Does my nose need to be broken before a bump is shaved down?

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Many thanks for posting your question.

Each nose must be taken individually, as the process of rhinoplasty surgery should be tailored for your individual nose.

The most frequent manoeuvres in rhinoplasty surgery are hump reduction (shaving down the bump) and breaking the bones of the nose to narrow the nose and move the bones to a good position.

It is hard to know exactly what was done to your nose, but I would imagine that if you would like your nose to be reshaped, that will need to be done on a private basis, as the NHS would be unlikely to have funding for this.

I hope that helps

Surgery order

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Sometimes a rhinoplasty surgeon will perform osteotomies to help narrow the bony nasal base or use it as a maneuver to close whats called an open roof deformity after taking down the nasal dorsum or performing a humpectomy. This is often discussed with patients during their consultation. Discussing with your surgeon why she/he decided to do something or not can help answer your questions. All the best, MMT

Osteotomy (breaking nose)

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Great question.  Typically after taking down a dorsal bump, there exists an "open" roof and one performs osteotomies (breaking of nasal bones) to close that and also helps with any nasal bone deviations.

Wish you the best!

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