Natural breast lift followed by fat transfer to breasts?

I would like to have a natural breast lift and follow it by fat transfer to the breasts. I understand that sometimes it is advised to have implants to help prolong the effects of the breast lift, but I am hoping my breasts are firm/full enough to go without this. However, I would like to follow it the transfer for extra fullness and cleavage. Is there a particular beast lift procedure (style, e.g. lollipop etc) that would best be paired with fat transfer?

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What is a Natural Breast Lift?

A #NaturalBreastEnlargement" also known as the #CaliforniaBreastLift" is a method of transferring your own fat to #contour and shape the breast. However, to achieve superior fullness and volume, it may be advisable to include an implant in addition to, or instead of the fat #transfer.  

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Natural breast lift followed by fat transfer to breasts?

Breast lift can be performed at the time of fat transfer to the breasts or the procedures may be separated.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Breast lift

Thank you for the question but what type of lift would give you the best result requires an examination. So see some experts in your area and get opinions.

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Your pictures would have been helpful

The use of fat grafting for upper pole fullness in combination of breast lift can be done for patients that are more interested in shape than size only. Please refer to attached link for examples.

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Breast lift technique needs to be suited to patient needs

There is no technique that applies to all breast lifts. Breast lift technique is chosen based on each patients specific situation. Your surgeon will decide as to what works best.
Type of lift does not impact fat transfers.  However fat grafts can be quite unpredictable.  

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Fat grafting with breast lift

Since most if not all of the fat would go in the upper pole of the breast where most patients are deficient needing a breast lift, the type of mastopexy doesn't matter as far as fat grafting goes. I do think that the vertically based methods have a longer maintenance of upper pole fullness then do the T-shaped inferior pedicle type lifts. Good luck.

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Breast lift and fat transfer

Thank you for your question.  Photos would be needed in order for me to render you more specific recommendations.  However, in general, fat transfer is commonly done in conjunction with a breast lift in patients who do not want implants for volume augmentation.  The different techniques or incision of doing a breast lift has no bearing upon the outcome of the fat transfer.  Best wishes!

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Breast lift and fat

Any type of lift can be combined with fat transfer to the breasts.  I routinely perform my breast lifts with fat grafting to the upper poles and cleavage area for a natural feeling breast.  Good luck!

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