How can I make my new tummy button more rounded?

I had a full Abdominoplasty with muscle repair done around six weeks ago. My new tummy button is healing nicely, however it is now shaped like a vertical line rather than a round 'normal' tummy button. I have heard of people using marbles inside the tummy button to force a more rounded shape... Does anyone have any suggestions please.

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Natural Belly Button

Thank you for your question. The ultimate shape of the umbilicus or belly button is largely determined by the surgical technique used to create it. If yours is more vertical, you might try a round bead or marble, dependent upon the size that your new belly button will allow. First however, I would discuss it with your surgeon and get recommendations from him or her as they will be most familier with your case. If all else fails, it can usually be re-shaped surgically with a minor procedure with minimal recovery. The good news is that the vertical shape is easier to work with! Much more problematic is correcting one that is more horizontal or too large. I think that your question raises a very important point for general consideration. I believe that the final appearance of the belly button is really the key factor in delivering a natural "top tier" result, and because of that,  an appropriate amount of energy and operative time (basically however long that takes) should be spent to deliver consistent, "natural looking" belly buttons. After all, it is the only scar that will be visible in normal clothing. If one can tell that you have undergone a tummy tuck procedure "from across the swimming pool", the result isn't as good as it could be. For women,  a hooded appearance with scars that are tucked inside is usually considered ideal. Some patients have preferred the more vertical look, especially men. I think it is important to ask the patient what they prefer and then tailor the procedure to their preference. 

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